Forever in my footsteps 2 - instructions guide

Day 1

After viewing intro find himself in his room. From the shelf you take your phone and knife.

From the table you take wallet. Futher step by clicking on the door go the outside on the street.

You'll talk to the homeless. You walk into a store and you talk with salesman.

Click on the sandwich, witch is on the table. It can not take. Use wallet on the salesman.

And when you will he pay, then you take a sandwich. Go out on the street.

Use the sandwich to a homeless man and he eats it. Then talk again with homeless.

Homeless give you a ticket on the post, he found it othe street. Come back to the store and use the ticket for salesman.

You will learn that is his ticket on the post. But today is the last day to pick up.

Salesman can not go to the post office and pick up it. Give you his identity card and you go to the post pick up it.

Go to the street and next left on the crossroads. Go in to the post office. And you talk with postwoman.

Give you to the post woman the salesmans identity card. He tells you that is not your identioty card and can not give you back not identity card.

Fortunately, the salesman knows personally. He has postwoman call and confirm that you entrusted pickup the package.

Go for it to the store and chatting with salesman. Then go to the post office. when you alk with postwoman will give you a pakage.

Then you go to the stop and put the package to the salesman. He will give you a beer. As a reward. Go out into the street.

The main character says that it is already tired and goes it sleep. Find him the next dat in his room.

Day 2

Go out into the street. Enptry to the shop is taping. Talk with police officier and homeless. Nothing new from them know.

Go left on the crossroads. Call you a postwoman. Agree with her that you will encouter in a pizzeria

In the pizzeria will tell you that in the package there are drugs. And salesman that drugs attempt to sell. And they caught him act.

Please him would help when is a lawyer. After the interview you find the main charakter in the pizzeria.

Chatting with the waiter. He tells you that the company which had impoted the fishes he teminated the contract.

He asks you to keep at least to get him a fish. And then you will reward tell where a castle. Go to crossroads.

You'll talk to the salesman of the ice cream. Then go you at the bottom left to the houses.

And there turn down to the park. You talk with the boy. He tells you that if you bring him the ice cream.

Then give you shobel and bucket. Return to the crosroads. Use the wallet for ice cream salesman. That will give you a ice cream.

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